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Forum Rules

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:18 pm
by SecretBoss
Last Updated: 3/1/2016

When registering on the forums you accept all the rules automatically.
Ignoring these rules would land you in trouble.
Rules are subject to modification as and when required by our administrators.

1. Account and signature

You are prohibited from:
  • Using nicknames containing obscene language, insults.
  • Using similar nicknames to those existing on the forums.
  • Using nicknames containing advertising third party resources.
  • Using a large number of spacebars.
  • Using obscene insults it in the signature.
  • Using a third-party signature containing advertising resources, campaigning to use server bugs.
  • Use signature / avatar that is offensive, pornographic, intimate, and avatars that are already used by other users of the forum.
  • Registering clones - multiple accounts by one person.
  • Any manifestations of racism and Nazism.
  • Account trading.

2. Topics and messages

You are prohibited from:
  • Creating a topic with names that do not reflect the meaning of the message, an example - "Admins look", "Everything here," "here" and so on.
  • Creating a topic whose names are written in upper case (Caps Lock), the exclusion abbreviation
  • Creating a topic similar within the meaning of.
  • Writing in messages with the statements of a negative character, example - "Updates bullshit", "Bring back everything as it was," "online will fall."
  • Writing messages that contain pictures and links to online resources, pornographic nature.
  • Write posts without meaning ("xD, + 1"), and so on. They would be deemed as post farming.
  • Write messages containing advertising third-party resources.
  • Sending multiple identical messages (Flood).
  • Using messages obscene speech, insult.
  • Writing messages with upper cases (Caps Lock).
  • Making the subject as dispute.
  • Cross posting - topics with links to a topic in another section.
  • Writing messages containing false information or libel.
  • Not allowed to post links to file sharing sites allowing you to download any software.
  • Prohibited any political discussion.

P.S: I would like to thank Aleksei for writing most of the rules above, this thread would be updated regularly, hence make sure you visit this one regularly. Please read carefully the rules to avoid any future problems with your account.

Re: Forum Rules

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:59 pm
by SecretBoss
Updated as of 3/1/2016