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XXXTENTACION_ . The reborn of the legend Ays_Kyub


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Yo. Wassup?

Hahahaha hey guys I'm XXXTENTACION_. I am mostly known as Ays_Kyub (my old account). You can call me triple X or XXX or just simply X. Sorry for my over dramatic title for this thread

I will tell you a brief summary of myself.
I started last March 07 2016 as Ays_Kyub

I am one of the players that started playing this game and became one of the elites later on. I also created the best gang before and we all know it as RUTHLESS with [NWA] tagline

Then it all changed when I got banned. I got full of myself and I got stupid and shit that is why I lost all what I worked hard

Almost 2yrs has passed and Phoenix messaged me to come back because I got unbanned. I kept rejecting him until I started playing again last June, 21st 2019 as XXXTENTACION_ and I told myself that whatever stupid shit I did last time will never happen again.

And now I am here. One of the rising stars of today's samp and also owns a new gang which I named as BAD VIBES FOREVER with tag line as [X].

Hope y'all will be my friend and let's keep the server alive and happy.
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