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V3.1.1 - Release notes


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Version 3.1.1 Update

  • /resetpass and !resetpass added for administrators. We did not have the possibility to reset passwords easily before.
  • Anticheat has been updated to be more accurate and stable. We did have some issues 3.1.0 which I hope is resolved now.
  • /trucking missions had an issue where the end checkpoint did not always work. In this update, the ending checkpoint will work 100% opposed to before.
  • The speedometer will now show up as a full circle. Upcoming updates will also color the speedometer depending on the speed you are cruising at, as a gradient from green to red.

Added 19th of may:

  • If you remove your VIP hat (/viphat) - your toys will no longer disappear.
  • Unjail spawn fixed
  • Dealership spawn fixed (cars no longer spawn in the ocean.. sorry about that)
  • Speedometer now also shows on private vehicles

That's all, folks! More coming up in future updates. Instead of updating once very rarely, I have decided to push out smaller updates more often, to combat issues we may have more quickly.
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