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V3.1.0 - Release notes


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Version 3.1.0 Update
By: denNorske, X337, dB., [email protected]


  • Due to modifications in the code, all player stats have been reset, except the player score. This includes all your movable & immovable assets.
  • If you owned a custom house (purchased from the store), it would still be there for you.
  • VIPs keep their VIP levels
  • Your gangs remain intact, so does your membership. Gang scores are reset. Start the wars again!

    Who will go ahead and be the king of LVCNR?


  • Added Regular Player Lounge (RPL). Players with at least 100 score & 1000 XP will be able to enter the RPL.
    Got a hit? Are you wanted? Stay out! Your weapons are disabled while inside RPL.
  • Added Air Vehicle Repair Stations all over San Andreas. Find them & use them! You can also get other vehicles repaired, for an extra cost. Although, who needs to repair their vehicle, assuming you're driving carefully?
  • Added Speedometer on vehicles. Displays speeds in MPH & KM/H and is available for both the passenger and driver.
  • Added /call911. Allows civilians to contact emergency services.
  • Cops will require at least 30 arrests to be able to /bail players.
  • /Lotto jackpot increased. Now go play the lottery, the stakes are high!
  • Several new Moneybag locations are added.
  • You can now send money to other players using /sm (SendMoney)
  • Secret Service Class can now use explosives during combat.
  • New weapons added for weapon dealers. Tweaked few features & fine-tuned the weapon prices.
  • A few weapons disabled for passenger drive-by.
  • /changepass command modified to be more secure.
  • /stats does now also show your XP (experience). We removed the XP textdraw.
  • VIP Skin change for VIPs will now cost $5000 everytime, in game.
  • If you shoot a car with a passenger inside (and no driver), the car will take damage. This was not possible in 3.0.0 and before.


  • Weapon pickups in VIP Lounge are fixed.
  • Player kicks from events like derby , race, etc are fixed.
  • Checkpoints bug for sweeper & forklift missions fixed.
  • Paused player de-sync issue fixed.
  • Purchasing vehicles at the dealership will not kick you anymore.
  • LEOs other than cops are now liable to get LEO banned for excessive team kills.
  • Anti-Cheat random kicks fixed
  • And several small issues with the anti-cheat has been sorted out, to ensure a better gameplay.
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