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LVCNR Server Rules

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Please abide by these rules while playing on the server. Violation of any of these rules can lead to a kick/ban.

Few terms you ought to know & understand:

DM - (Death Match) :
Killing a person back to back for no reason.
RDM - Random Death Match : Killing players randomly like a kill streak, i.e., Haphazard killings.
White Player: The player blip is white in colour. Denotes that the player is an innocent civilian.
Red/Orange/Yellow Player: Denotes that the player is a wanted civilian. A wanted civilian is also termed as a red in this thread.
Cop Hunt: Quest for a cop to attack/kill him. This is not allowed except in case of a revenge (for arresting/killing the red) or in case the cop has a bounty hit.
G Abuse: When LEOs enter as a passenger to arrest the players in a vehicle.
LEO: Law Enforcement Officer; includes Army, CIA, FBI, Police & Secret Service (VIPs Only)

General Rules:
  • Respect all players and admins.
  • Do not spam/flood the chat, or advertise other servers.
  • Hacking/Cheating will get you banned.
  • Usage of 3rd Party mods/patches, cleo etc, are not allowed. Mods which give players undue advantage over others are not allowed.
  • LEO players must not kill innocent civilians.
  • LEO Team attack/killing is not allowed.
  • Excessive Spawn Killing is not allowed.
  • Random killing OR DMing is NOT allowed. However, wanted players can random attack or DM among themselves.
  • LEOs cannot work with or assist criminals in any manner.
  • Yellow players are to be ticketed by LEO. However, fleeing yellows' vehicles can be shot at, to get them to a halt.
  • Do not EMP vehicles if there are no wanted players inside the vehicle. However, vehicles causing hindrances to LEO operations can be EMPed.
  • Do not quit or pause to avoid anything.
  • Farming score/xp/money is unacceptable, and may get you banned.
  • Do not randomly attack/kill LEOs. Cop hunt is punishable.
  • You cannot defend your gangmates except during gangwars in the zones.
  • Intentional car parking on top of a player or heli-blade killing is not allowed.
  • Do not arrest other players in a car as a passenger. However, shooting as a passenger with no driver is now alloed, since cars can blow up without drivers too.
  • Bugs should be reported, not exploited.
  • Do not report for other players in-game. Each player reports for himself.
  • Connecting over VPNs/Proxies aren't allowed.
  • Sharing of accounts is not allowed.
  • Admins can enforce rules as they see fit.
  • This list is not exhaustive. The rules are subject to addition/modification. Visit this thread regularly.
Death-Matching/DM Rules:
  • Wanted players can attack wanted players without any reason. But a prolonged repetitive DM is not allowed. This means, that when a wanted is capturing a gang, he can be attacked. So, your gang members protect you while you're being attacked by anyone. Hence, capturing zones is not an easy task, to be done alone.
  • Wanted players cannot hunt for cops & kill them. They can only attack them if they feel that a cop is chasing them, or trying to get them.
  • Innocents cannot attack innocents without any reason.
  • Innocents cant attack cops without reason.
  • Innocents cant attack wanted without reason.
  • Cops cannot attack innocents, except in self defense.
DM between civilians:
  • An innocent can't be killed by any other player, either another innocent or wanted without a reason (read further). Exceptions are:
  1. Revenge Kill: Only allowed to be performed once. That means: Player kills you, then you kill him. End of story, no consistent kills.
  2. Gang War: If the player is a gang member, and he's capturing a zone with his teammates, he can be killed ONLY if the killer is the zone owner/defender.
  3. Hit: If someone has put a hit on you, you can remove this hit by killing the one who put it. It doesn't matter if he's wanted or innocent.

  • A wanted can't kill an innocent or LEO for no reason. Same exceptions are above. Although, a wanted can kill another wanted for any reason, yes for ANY reason.
DM between LEOs and civilians, including arrests: (Obviously LEO vs LEO isn't allowed)
  • LEOs aren't allowed to shoot/kill Yellow players, they must /ticket them. If the wanted doesn't pay the ticket, he becomes arrestable in the next 1 minute. However, fleeing yellows' vehicles can be shot at, to get them to a halt.
  • LEOs aren't allowed to shoot/kill Innocents for no reason. If the innocent shoots the LEO, he'll be wanted, allowing the LEO to arrest him. In this case, if the cop wanted revenge, he can do so by switching to civil class. Cops are however allowed to shoot at innocents in case of self defence against a revenge or a hit.
  • Wanted people are not allowed to shoot/kill LEOs for no reason. The only reason they have to kill them is by self-defense, means if the cop isn't following you or shooting you, then he's not a threat to you. Killing a cop for no reason will be counted as Cop Hunt, which isn't allowed.
  • Innocents aren't allowed to shoot/kill LEOs for no reason. The only reason they have is revenge, which can be done only once and between civilians or civilians and LEOs.
  • Specific LEO classes (FBI, CIA, Army, Secret Service) have the same rules over their additional commands (/placerb, /emp...).
Basic Framework of Rules

These shall apply everywhere over & above the specific cases:
  • In general, RDM/DM is not allowed. But, there are exceptions. Read further.
  • Whites cannot attack whites for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • Reds cannot attack whites or vice versa, for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • Whites can't attack a LEO for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • LEO can't attack LEO in any case. LEO should /report or report it on forum in such cases.
  • Reds are allowed to attack/kill LEO, but cophunt is NOT allowed. That means, for example reds teaming up to LVPD & killing all cops; OR chasing a cop all the way just to kill him, while its not a revenge, etc.
  • Now comes the best part for DMers; Reds are ALLOWED to RANDOMLY DEATHMATCH (RDM) other reds. That is, wanted players can randomly attack other wanted players. There's no need for a reason. (Yay! I now keel all! kthxbye!)
  • LEO cannot attack whites unless its a case of self defense. LEO may also prefer to /report such instances. Self defense means: Attacking white/yellow countering a revenge or a hit.
Now, lets see how they work in The Specific Cases:
  • Gangwar is defined only in the gangzones. Gangwar is allowed between gangs who are involved in the zone capture/zone attack. This means, anyone can attack anyone (White vs White too? Yes!). However, LEO members of the gang are NOT allowed to participate in a gangwar. They may, however, choose to raid the zone & arrest/attack gang members without any discrimination. In short, an LEO member is not treated as your gang member. So, any discrimination/favouring by an LEO member is punishable. If LEO doesn't want to arrest/attack gang members in a zone, he can choose to stay miles away from the point of conflict. Using LEO powers/features only to seek an advantage for a specific gang is punishable. All the above tweak is allowed only for the duration of the gang activity. Once the zone is captured, the same old basic set of rules come into action. The basic rules will continue to be applicable on all the other players NOT involved in the gang war. In case there's a red non member who plans to attack a red gang member involved in a gang war, he is ALLOWED to do so. But only him & not his gang members can attack back in defense. Please note, that your gang members can defend you only in a gangwar and not anywhere else. Also note that the server does not recognize 'gang allies' and any other mutual understanding any gang might have with another. Every gang is treated as a separate entity, and gang members mean the members of that particular gang only.
  • Teaming Up is allowed among civilans. Cops may not team up with a red or vice-versa.
    While there are whites & reds in your vehicle, the defence against LEO/another set of players is allowed ONLY by the Reds in the vehicle. The whites in your vehicle are NOT allowed to defend/shoot/attack. If you want them to participate in the attacking process, make sure they are turned to wanted players too. (You can ask them to gain a wanted level by robbing/raping you).
  • On the same lines, when whites are trying to team up with the reds, they carry the risk of getting shot/killed by the LEOs during pursuit, and such a case would not be deemed as a Cop DM.

Cophunt & Revenging on cops
  • When a cop arrests/kills a guy, the guy can revenge back. This is true everytime. However, there are some basic rules governing it. I'll explain this with an example, since players seem to be getting confused.

    Say there are two players C & P. C for civilian, P for Police/LEO/Army.
    P arrested/killed C when he was having a wanted level. Now, C has a revenge on P, right?

    Let's see a few cases:
    • Case I: C gets out of jail (or spawns as innocent) and goes to P and kills him. Revenge finishes. Case closed. No more revenges now.

    • Case II: C gets out of jail (or spawns as innocent) and goes to P and attacks him to kill him. But while trying to kill P, C gets wanted level and gets arrested/killed by P. So, C's revenge is not complete. If you count, P has actually arrested C, 2 times now. However, C will still have only 1 revenge, i.e., for the 1st kill/arrest by P. C will not have 2 revenges.

      That means, If the guy fails to take revenge and gets arrested/killed while taking a revenge, it would NOT add a new revenge for the recent kill/arrest. He would still have only 1 revenge (the old one) on that cop and not 2 revenges. In other words, while this guy was trying to revenge on that cop (for the 1st arrest/kill) and fails to revenge by getting arrested/killed by the cop (The cop killed/arrested him second time here), this second time arrest/,kill does not add to the player revenges. So, even if the cop arrests/kills the guy 10 times in a row, while the guy tries & fails to revenge, the guy can revenge only ONCE.

    • Case III: C gets out of jail (or spawns as innocent) and goes to P and attacks him to kill him. But while trying to attack, P shoots and kills C, while C is still innocent (white colour). This is not CopDM. This is considered as a self defence because C had a revenge and C went to kill/attack P. Again, C's revenge on P is not complete. C can once again try to take his revenge on P.

    • Case IV: C gets out of jail (or spawns as innocent) and goes to P and attacks him to kill him. But while trying to kill P, C gets wanted level and gets arrested/killed by another cop Q. C's revenge on P is not complete. So C still has his revenge on P. Also, since Q arrested/killed C while he was trying to revenge on P, C, now has 1 revenge on Q also. That means, C has 1 revenge on P (the old one) & 1 revenge on Q ( A new revenge).

      The above mentioned cases must have cleared all your doubts by now.
  • Revenge Period: If you are revenging a cop, you got to do it in the same session within a definite time period. If you don't revenge immediately, but kill the cop in the same session few hours later as per your convenience & circumstance, it will be counted as a cop hunt & not a revenge. Also, if the cop quits, or you quit the session, and join few hours/days later, you cannot revenge on the cop. If you did, it would be a cop hunt.

  • Team Revenge/Join Revenge: If you team up with another player who also has a valid revenge on a cop, and when both of you kill the cop together, the joint revenge would fulfil your respective individual revenge. That means, when you team up & jointly take the revenge, each of the individual guy's revenge will be counted as done. The individuals cannot attack the cop further (while in team, or even otherwise).
What happens if a cop arrests/kills you, and changes to a civilian?
You cannot revenge on the cop turned civilian, because he had arrested/killed you as a cop, and not as a civilian. However, if the cop turned civilian changes back to cop/LEO in the same session, he can be revenged back by the guy, again only within a definite period like before.​

This list is not exhaustive. The rules are subject to addition/modification. Visit this thread regularly.
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