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IRC Rules

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Please abide by all the following rules.

  • Do not spam on Server Channels.
  • Do not PM-spam admins on IRC.
  • Do not ask for unban, or appeal for anything using IRC Chat. Doing this may fetch you a ban from IRC.
  • Do not impersonate others on IRC, use your assigned/approved nick.
  • Do not spam and/or flood on chat, or on PMs.
  • Respect Admins & Players.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Prohibitions: (Obtained from IRC.TL)
    -Racism and or Nazism.
    -Discussing or spreading illegal copyrighted material.
    -Discussing or spreading pornographic material.
    -Spamming and or advertising.
    -Hacking and or cracking.
    -Evading Network and or channel bans
  • We host our channels on FoCo IRC Network (IRC.TL). Abide by & follow all the IRC.TL Network Rules
Not open for further replies.