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Hello, welcome.


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Heya lads, hope ya'll are doing good.

So the purpose of this thread is to welcome everyone and introduce myself to the next-gen community. Its time we bid farewell to our good old forum, which ran almost for a decade carrying tonnes of emotions with it.

Let's welcome our new premium forums, based on Xenforo software, our new home. One of the best forums/site ever in my experience. Hope this runs for another decade so that I can introduce it to my future siblings :x

Time to appreciate the real patreons of this project without whom we would have never seen this day, without whom everything we are seeing here today would never had existed. The real OGs of LVCNR, dB. , x337(thanks for the discord bot :*) and our God-level server developer, denNorske. Thank you for everything.

A warm welcome to the viewers of this thread. May the current and the ex-LVCNR players reunite again here with our new venture, may the souls who would never be able to return again rest in peace ( we miss you Reecy, you will be remembered forever).


From the legendary DM-er of lvcnr (katana dm)


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they protecc
they attacc
but most importantly they brought a new forum bacc