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Forum Warnings & Infractions

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Hello everyone!

Lately we've been seeing a surge in the violation of forum rules like double posting, spam, posting in restricted forums, etc. People have been taking the forum rules quite lightly.

I find many users deliberately breaking the rules while they know them pretty well. I see a many posts starting with "Sorry to post here, but..", "I know I am not allowed to post here, but..", etc, specially in the Player Reports section.
Many warnings have been issued in the backdrop of the same, but things don't seem to change. Hence, we have come up with the Forum Infraction system to inculcate some discipline amongst our indisciplined users.

Forum Infraction System:

Every violation of forum rule will add to your warning points. When the total warning points sum up, the following will be the action taken.
  • 10 warning points - 2 Days Forum Ban
  • 15 Warning points - 1 Week Forum Ban
  • 20 Warning points - Upto 1 month Forum Ban
Note that every violation gives you different infraction points. For eg, double posting would get you 1 point, Interfering in other's player reports would add to 3 points, etc. Also, every infraction point expires after completion of 1 month from the date of issue.

Excessive forum infractions could also affect you on other LVCNR Fronts like Server, Discord, IRC, etc. So please start to becoming more careful on abiding the forum rules.

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