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Connecting IRC from your Mobile Phone (AndroidIRC)

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Video Tutorial:

Contributed by: Ammarrii​


Step by step Guided Tutorial
Contributed by: Ahmed Shahzaib​

Hello there brothers i am going to show how to connect to IRC on AndroidIRC.
Ok let's start,
First of all u will have to download AndroidIRC from google play store
‣Open google play store
‣Now download the first one "AndroIRC"
‣When you have downloaded it then open it read terms and use and press OK.
‣Now when u see at the top right corner there will be 3 signs click on third one and this will appear.Click on settings.
‣Now u will see ~Nickname Click on that and this will appear.
‣Write your nickname,alternative,ident,real name.
‣When u have chosen your name u will have to go back at this:
‣Now press on the + sign and Choose OTHER...
‣Then in the server address write irc.tl
‣U will see this then:
‣If u have already a registered Name then use syntax:/msg NickServ identify <your password>
‣Now when u are there press the second button and choose join a channel.
‣Write #lv-cnr in there.
‣This will appear:
‣Then again click on 2nd button and write #lv-cnr.echo
‣This will appear
‣To talk in Lv-cnr echo u will have to get a permanent voice and it can be get from this topic: https://forum.lasventuras.net/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3095
‣If u want to close AndroIRC then when u open again u will have to follow all steps again and when the window irc.tl is opened write their syntax to login:/msg NickServ identify <your password>then open #lv-cnr and #lv-cnr.echo

If u can't understand anything then ask in reply.
Not open for further replies.