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Basic IRC Usage

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So, since most of you are new to the concept of IRC, let me being with the basics of IRC that you need to know while using it. This guide shall be sufficient to handle the required IRC exposure, efficiently for LVCNR.

Firstly, IRC is Internet Relay Chat. There are many IRC servers on the internet. Every IRC server got many channels.

You can either connect to our IRC channels using the webIRC or any IRC Client.

We're hosting our IRC channels on the IRC server - irc.tl
Our channels are - #lv-cnr , #lv-cnr.echo

Like you register for forum Account, so you do for IRC. You can use the IRC commands and functions you got, only when you're registered there.

To register your nick, type "/ns REGISTER [your password here] [your email address here]" on IRC console.
e.g. /ns REGISTER abc123 [email protected]
You must enter a valid email address. You will be sent a validation email to this address; follow the instructions to activate your account.
Keep your password secure; do NOT give it out to anyone.

If you have registered an account you can log into it by typing "/ns IDENTIFY [your password here]"
e.g. /ns IDENTIFY password123

Occasionally, you will be unable to use your registered nickname because it is already in use. This can happen either if you have recently lost connection to the network (it takes two minutes for a dead connection to be removed), or if another user is using your nickname.

To reclaim your registered nickname by forcibly disconnecting the user currently using the nick, type "/ns GHOST [your nickname here] [your password here]"
e.g. /ns GHOST MyNick MyPassword

For a way to keep your registered nickname from being used by other users, you can switch on enforcing on your nickname.
To disallow unregistered users from using your registered nickname, type "/ns SET ENFORCE ON"

This will give you, or anyone else using your nickname, 30 seconds to identify with NickServ. If no successful login is performed within 30 seconds, the nickname will be forcibly changed.

To disable this feature, type type "/ns SET ENFORCE OFF"


The /me is an action message.
Type /me 'does anything'
Example: /me waves hello

Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat.
Example: /msg puddytat Hey tat, how are you?

Similar to the /msg, except it forces a window to pop open.
Type /query nickname (message)

Type /quit to leave IRC altogether. This disconnects you from the IRC server.
Example: /quit gtg Bye!

Unfortunately, there will be times when you don't want to talk to someone, or else someone may be harassing you.
By typing /ignore nickname 3, you will not receive anymore messages from that person.
Example: /ignore luv2quilt 3
To Unignore them, type /ignore -r luv2quilt 3

For more, please get in touch with the IRC admins & operators available on the channel.

Note: It is recommended that you idle on IRC all the time. This is possible by registering for a BNC (IRC Bouncer) for FREE. Also, there are several mobile apps available for various IRC clients.
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