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24/7 items & their uses

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In case you didn't know, there are all of the 24/7 items.

1- Rope
Price: 1,000$ for 1 rope.
Use this item to tie players. The command is /tie [ID].

2- Scissors
Price: 2,500$
If you're tied, you can use scissors to cut through the rope. The command is /cuttie.

3- Backpack
Price: 15,000$
This is just an object of a bag/parachute in your back. The command is /backpack.

4- Bigger pockets
Price: 5,000$
On robberies, you receive an extra half of your rob with this item.

5- Secure wallet
Price: 5,000$
To protect against robbers, use this item to keep your wallet secure.

6- Butt plug
Price: 5,000$
This item is used to avoid rapes by rapists.

7- Lucky Charm
Price: 25,000$
This will ensure that your robbery is successful everytime.
Note:- This item will be available after robbing 200 stores.

8- Mask
Price: 20,000$
Using this item with robberies will remove your name from the message of robbery. Also, half of the wanted you earn from crimes will be removed.

9- Bomb Defusal kit
Price: 10,000$
You can use this kit to defuse C4s. The command is /defuse.

10- Escapist guide
Price: 5,000$
If you were jailed, you can use this guide to make your way out of the jail. The command is /escape.
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